Ten Best Belly Band Holsters With Reviews

There can be A belly band holster a more favorite and classic direction of hiding your pistol or revolver underneath your own top, around your waist.

Additionally, it is certainly one of the very most effective approaches to hide your own firearm, whilst letting you obtain access.

A big difficulty is choosing what belly band holster can suit you?

We’re here in order to conduct you during our ten belly band holsters we’re able to see in the market place of today.

We are going to take you via many different belly band holsters options such as CCW stomach rings and belly band holsters for guys that are obese!

ComfortTac Supreme Belly Band Holster for Concealed-carry, Dark

First on the schedule is for you hide your firearm well the belly band holster, that has been designed.

Built to match multiple dimensions…

This belly band holster will fit you, For those who own a tummy size under 44-inches, then most importantly.

That is because they will have used a stretchable flexible that is surgical-grade to ensure it is.

The neoprene delivers a way to take your handgun. It’s watertight and places onto skin and also will be worn with very little if any annoyance.

Exactly what handgun sizes can it fit?

This holster is elastic enough to fit pistols or revolvers.

Discussing of endurance…

This belly ring holster may be worn small of their back, in the waistband, 5 O’clock position round the torso, last but not least in shoulder posture, beyond the waistband.

Whilst you may see, there are ways that you can utilize this holster to accommodate requirements or your requirements.

In addition, we enjoy that they added an extra magazine pocket. This provides an instant reload — that can possibly be life saving to get someone’s possibility to you.

Plus, just a retention strap is comprised you need your rifle. And it’s really designed for shooters.


  • Built to hide.
  • Stretches for most stomach dimensions.
  • Really flexible positioning.


  • The magazine pouch may not function well with a few stomach dimensions.

IWB Holster

Second, in our review list is just another belly band holster made for concealed carry for shooters. Again we’re currently taking a look at a belly band holster choice that is rather versatile.

And here is why…

To begin out with, it could carry various revolvers and pistols which range from the sub-compact level, directly to full-sized handguns.

Therefore, if you have an assortment of handguns you would like to have the ability to transport at the same moment — this holster might be a terrific purchase for you personally.

This holster may be worn in numerous ways over. Whether or not you would like to wear out or in the waistband, round the system you’ll discover a method to utilize this holster.

Could it be certainly comfortable?

The answer is yes. This is really a belly ring holster made out of grade elastic that’ll stretch around the belly to almost any size as much as 44 inches.

Neoprene is also utilized by it. Neoprene is considered to be quite a soft cloth. Plus, they added venting within this design to breathe more.

We ought to also mention this holster comes with an additional magazine pouch that also can be readily available for right and gun owners that are abandoned.


  • Fits-all handgun sizes.
  • Multiple positioning chances.
  • For concealed take.


  • May possibly reveal printing if poorly positioned.

Next up, we’re taking a look at the Kaylle belly band holster, and it can be an updated version of this version.

It’s really a unisex style and style and is excellent for anyone looking for an inside the waistband manner of the holster.

The excellent thing about within the holsters is you may hide your own weapon.

Together with it just being 2.5millimeters in depth, it’ll be highly discreet, contributing to the concealment worthiness with the holster.

Plus, it will not of necessity holster that your own revolver or pistol, but instead includes an easy yet amazingly effective holster ring set up for your own weapon.

This keeps your belly band holster lightweight, and this means that you may get the rapid use of a firearm.

What is it made out of?

Well, like most of the most useful belly band holsters out there, that one too is created of a gentle and high quality neoprene material. However, Kaylle has added micro pockets in this particular design to ensure it is extra elastic.

You might even select runs, take out numerous different exercises, or merely vigorous activities and never need to think a lot about if this holster will consume.


  • 2.5millimeter thick.
  • Easily hidden.
  • Unisex layout.
  • Light Weight.
  • Micro pit neoprene.


  • The velcro may need replacing more than used too.

Let us have a peek today at the BravoBelt Belly Band Holster designed for concealed carry and may be used in exercising.

Soft and Soft…

BravoBelt has used a particularly designed neoprene, that has elastic CoolVent technology built.

The perforated neoprene provides you an extremely well-ventilated belly band holster using anti-sweat technology.

It’ll stretch to the majority of sizes up to and including belly size. This flexibility could be because of this flex-fit system they will have incorporated into the plan with the holster.

Exemplary compatibility…

Are you currently searching for a concealed carry holster that’ll holster various gun sizes and types?

Well this BravoBelt is going to have the ability to transport almost all of the Glock handgun range — by the Glock 17 directly to the 43 — without no difficulties.

It is going to even carry very readily pistols and revolvers from shared name brands like Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and Taurus, such as.

That is likewise an ambidextrous structure, also it might be worn out at a lot of positions.

It’s worth mentioning you just get yourself a 100 percent money-back guarantee for the item. If you are unhappy with it, then simply send it straight back again.


  • May use when exercising.
  • Appropriate for Many handguns.
  • One size fits all.
  • Ambidextrous weapon placement.
  • 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Guns with landscapes could snag on the attraction.

This could be actually the belly band holster we’ve viewed which in fact includes a few set sizes. And also the Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster Is Available from sizes that are a lot of.

This might possibly be quite a very good pick if you’re either larger or smaller than the ordinary man across the belly.

That is because you’re able to select the S at 28 inches all of the ways around XXL to meet your requirements.

Desire a holster that may carry significantly more than only 1 firearm?

You are in luck; this gut holster uses an extremely intelligent design at which you’re able to endure into three small, subcompact, compact, or medium sized pistols.

Provided that the barrel span doesn’t exceed 4.5 inches, then you should be OK.

It backhand draw places, left, along with comprises right. Besides, you receive also a pocket and yourself four magazine storage spaces for keeping a telephone number, cash, or wallet.

The building…

Mesh fabric was used within this Fullmosa structure with the belly band holster that was wise.

Additionally, it includes a breathable and lightweight design that’s a technology built that is anti-sweat.

The part that rests in the skin is tender. Plus, the rifle is kept fine and in your own clothing, or snag with a velcro fastener that won’t scrape your rifle.


  • Assorted sizes.
  • Different drawing rankings.


  • It is maybe perhaps not great for athletic activities.
  • This is. In addition, it is a 1 size fits all kind of design, also because of this material used.

Discreet and elastic…

This Lirisy can be definitely an in the belly band holster, which will keep your rifle after worn out hidden subtly.

It’ll fit a number of handgun sizes, however, we also advise that you use it. Even though it’s going to actually match some full-length pistols.

Desire an ambidextrous belly ring holster?

This Lirisy holster is ambidextrous, therefore it is acceptable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

Gleam removable pouch included saving other valuables or your mobile. Plus, there exists a magazine storage pocket that is stationary.

You’ll be pleased to realize that Lirisy has used neoprene to generate this holster. This usually means you will have a holster that you could wear your skin.

They’ve made the holster sweat-resistant, to avoid you.

Over All…

All of us love discreetness, relaxation, and the flexibility this IWB belly band holster offers. It can fit both women and people of the majority of sizes.


  • Stretches around 4-5 inches.
  • Hides nicely.
  • Well Suited for smaller pistols.
  • Ambidextrous layout.


  • It may possibly perhaps not securely fit very modest tummy dimensions.

Next in line would be your AlphaHolster, and it is just actually really a unisex style, plus it gets got the choice of a left hand or right hand lure. So you can have on any clothing it’s made.

Produced in the United States…

We enjoy this type of US-made holster created from the strong yet comfortable cloth that is elastic.

It’s also breathable and doesn’t have a hazardous element included with it.

This AlphaHolster was created for anybody planning on carrying and hiding out their weapon.

Additionally, it may take from subcompact to pistols or revolvers, on a number of firearms.

Additionally, there are efficient although straightforward retention straps for the chosen firearm.

They’re made to maintain your rifle in place and soon you want to decorate free to get a draw.

We all do love seeing additional storage belts which means it is possible to keep books safely but accessed if needed.

A Terrific belly band holster for your cash…

1 thing is economical for what you will get. We presume!

It can be worn out in numerous places.


  • Unisex layout.
  • Produced in the United States.
  • Wellmade retention connectors.
  • Multiple rankings.
  • Cheap.
  • Perfect for concealed carry.


  • Might want to conform to fit the own body right.

Moving on today, we are looking for Concealed Carry at the Bear Armz Tactical Belly Band Holster.

That really is just another within the holster, that will be created by neoprene fabric.

Is there a retention strap place for the handgun, but additionally there is you to put up your magazine in place too.

This usually means that you may perform activities that are rigorous with no change of one’s magazine or gun falling from this holster.

Combination for purpose…

This might possibly be quite a selection of a holster to suit the requirements if you would like to carry various unique pistols or revolvers.

That is because it’s been designed to fit a number of firearms right to handguns.

They have made for shooters. Therefore, if you’re a lefty, better to proceed ahead into this review.

It’s really a 1 size fits all set-up. The holster can extend up 42-inches round your own stomach along with your buttocks.

Want your holster to stay breathable and comfortable?

This Bear Armz Tactical was made to break in skin softly. Additionally, it is lightweight and breathable.

There’s also.


  • Stretches around 42 inches.
  • It provides a number of handguns.
  • Neoprene cloth.
  • Life Time guarantee.
  • This is one of the women.

All Day relaxation…

This Really Can holster is manufactured out of profile flexible. When holding your pistol in 14, It’s going to rest in skin.

Additionally, there are two rows of sterile, to be certain that the holster remains at which it needs to.

There are 3 rows of alloy Hook & Eye, allowing the holster also to get a profile closed also to be corrected. Plus there are rare earth magnets built to help secure everything.

No requirement to seem…

Still, another feature that is subtle yet convenient is they have set in position holster tabs.

Even the holster tabs enable one to figure out you never need to worry about looking at which to slide on your own rifle the way you can holster your weapon.

You may have the ability to transport magazines for the belly band holster, in addition to your own phone or other valuables of this particular lady.

And it is critical to be aware that it is often created for .380 cal and small pistols — for concealment.


  • Holsters to the fashionable.
  • Created for Ladies.
  • Holds securely set up.
  • Created for little.380 pistols.


  • Maybe not for guys.

This is our gut ring gun holster out of UnderTech. This could be the under-cover Original Version, designed for stealthily.


If you’re interested in finding a belly group concealment holster that is versatile, this UnderTech under-cover is popular among gun owners.

It’s useful in activities but is still stable enough to be worn out at the gymnasium or when you’re outside running.

Made in the united states, UnderTech uses a thick structure that is elastic. skin will not irritate or moisturizes, nor is the elastic used to create this holster.

Carry what you want…

Additionally, there are just two ambidextrous openings, together with you able to holster one other a pistol and a revolver.

Plus, there’s really just a pocket and that means you’re able to carry your mobile books, wallet, along with other valuables.

Because that really can be just really a carry design you’re going to be needing to carry out a subcompact, compact upward into a striped pistol or revolver.

Handgun choices that are common incorporate the selection of Sig Sauers, Glocks, Taurus, and Beretta pistols and revolvers.

That you will not have any difficulties Even though in the event that you’ve got yet still another pistol or revolver in your mind, we’re confident.


  • Heavy-duty elastic.
  • Use if exercising.


  • Make certain you close the velcro properly for good use.

We looked band holsters of all 20 20, and we all presume there is a set here.

Whether you require a belly band holster for concealed carry, the one which remains once you exercise, or you also want you to get a belly personally.

Therefore today we’d love to explore several options that will assist you to decide which tummy band holster will fit your preferences the most useful…

Most Useful Belly Band Holsters for Concealed-carry

It’s likely that a number of you are going to end up needing a belly band holster for concealed carry, and nearly each of the holsters in our list is made for this purpose. We think a few are far better than the many others.

ComfortTac Supreme Belly Band Holster for Concealed-carry

This could be over, also ComfortTac has been doing an exemplary job at producing a holstering option that is well-concealed.

They provide guaranteed to use high-quality substances to be certain you are comfortable that you put it on.

Still another popular that’s made designed for interior the waistband needs to function as…

This Kaylle holster is simply 2.5millimeters in-depth, which makes it super unobtrusive.

But with the use of a neoprene fabric that is well-designed — you also obtain extra daily or all night comfort.

Both these choices are a few of the CCW abdomen bands available on the market now.

Talking about relaxation, though, here is our…

Most Beautiful Belly Band Holster

We think outside of this group, the very comfortable holster on the list maybe your…

It turned out to be a close relationship involving the comfortTac and this Bear Armz person looked over. Yet, we decided on the Bear Armz, because they will have put much attention.

They’ve used a neoprene material that communicates well when connected with the skin. Additionally, it offers technology built that is anti-sweat.

However, imagine if you are a guy? Will these holsters meet your own requirements?

We do not mean to be rude, however, you are going to need, if you are a guy. We’ve added several choices.

Our very best belly band holster for overweight men maybe you’re exactly stretchable…

This holster goes out providing you gals and guys something to work well with.

It is effective as a IWB holster, it’s sweat-resistant, plus it has an ambidextrous style.

In addition, we enjoy the pouch which means it’s possible to save valuables 17, that they will have added.

Nevertheless, you might have the decision to eliminate it for concealment that is entire.

Maybe not big enough?

You might have a tummy size of course when that is the case, your best choice is always to choose that the Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster.

It’s available! This might possibly be a fantastic option if you should be a guy. The plan is, too also you may hold up to 3 pistols in one moment.

On the other end of this spectrum…

This holster is extended in 28 inches — in a size Little if you’re super-slim.

There are numerous choices we’ve encounter which involves a few smart and innovative methods make sure your gut ring is hidden yet offers good storage.

Store valuables on your Belly Band Holster and Lots of you might need to transport magazines.

It’s space for three pistols, once we’ve discussed, also you can find just four magazine pockets plus a large storage pocket. Along with this, it got technology built, which is amazingly breathable.

Most Useful Belly Band Holster for your Cash

We considered to bring a funding holstering option was crucial, Even as we’re nearing the conclusion of this guide.

You will find two which stood outside, though we chose the…

AlphaHolster Belly Band Handgun Holster

This funding belly ring holster is the USA made, so you know that you will get a fantastic quality of the structure.

Additionally, it is a unisex design with heaps along with great retention belts of storage options that are superior.

We are amazed at how comfortable and secure that this funding AlphaHolster happens to be. Really worth the cash!

Without even choosing our favorite, we can not finish this article. The holsters had been striking. However, the winner must be well made…

ComfortTac Supreme Belly Band Holster for Concealed-carry

If you are unsure a belly band holster could be the ideal pick for the requirements, then please check our reviews of this Greatest Small of Back Holster, the Greatest Pancake Holsters, our Greatest Cross Draw Holster reviews, our Greatest Fanny Pack Holster reviews our Greatest Kydex Holsters reviews and the very best Galco Holsters now offered.

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