What color would you choose for your wedding gown? Have you imagined yourself dressed in white on your wedding day? No? Maybe the wild woman inside you finds it too boring? We had the same thinking.

Colors have importance for us, and this can be applied nicely to wedding gowns as well. White is associated with new beginnings and purity. Red, on the other hand, is the color of passion, and if your relationship and prospective marriage are both passionate, red is an excellent choice for you. Let’s take a journey together through this story to discover the secrets behind the color red and the meaning of a traditional hanfu wedding dress.

Traditions of Red Wedding Gowns

You may be used to seeing a bride wear a “traditional” white gown on her wedding day, as this is the conventional Western approach to the outfit. It may seem outlandish and implausible, yet Western customs are newer than those of the Far East, where red wedding gowns have been the norm for millennia.

Red is the most appropriate and proper color to wear on that auspicious day in China, Singapore, India, and even South Sudan. On the day of their nuptials, Athenian ladies donned light crimson robes as a symbol of welfare, fertility, good luck, and happiness. During the Han dynasty in China, specific colors for wedding gowns were prescribed based on the seasons of the year, with red being the most appropriate hue in the summer. In the fourteenth century, Korean brides donned silky robes in red, green, and yellow, which are still worn today.

Chinese and Indian brides still wear read down the aisle nowadays. Glittering skirts and veils are worn by Chinese brides, and saffron color has been worn by Indian women for ages. Red is associated with feminine power, fertility, serenity, prosperity, passion, and new beginnings in Indian culture. Chinese brides today wear the Qipao, a one-piece crimson gown with a metallic design, in the Far East. The Chinese think that the color red symbolizes devotion, fertility, and love, and that it also wards off evil.

Why Do Some Brides Opt for Red Wedding Gowns?

Choosing the color of your wedding gown may not have been an option in the past, but wearing red down the aisle today may be for a variety of reasons:

It’s possible that red is just the person’s preferred color.

It symbolizes strength, resolve, and power, and you could like it only for that reason. And no matter where you are in the world, whether it’s New York, Mumbai, or New Delhi, you can now choose your favorite hue and stick to it. It can even be printed on the invitations.

Respect for people of color and their cultures.

Your culture and heritage are an important aspect of your identity if you are from India, Singapore, South Sudan, or China. If you care deeply about it, follow tradition and wear red as your forefathers did. You’ll also be very gorgeous!

You look stunning in red.

If red is the color that best enhances your forms, don’t be scared to show off your inner self on your wedding day. It is, without a doubt, your big day! It flatters all proportions and shapes, as well as all skin tones, hair hues, and eye colors.

Your color scheme is red.

To be honest, it’s a stunning concept. On your perfect day, you and your groom will both shine brightly. We can’t wait to see your first dance together as bride and groom, lighting the dance floor with red. Your passion and burning love for each other might be symbolized by the color red.

You want to be different from the other brides.

And the color red will ensure your success in the situation. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine!

In 2021, the Most Popular Red Wedding Dress Styles You Should Know

1. Wedding Gown (Half-White, Half-Red)

If you like red but don’t want to go full out, this is a great compromise that combines the best of both worlds. This half-white, half-red wedding gown is ideal for the passionate bride with long hair and a gorgeous white skin. Silk is the peak of sophistication. With this option, you can’t go wrong.

2. Sleeveless Corset Red Wedding Dress

This gorgeous red wedding gown has a sleeveless corset and full-length saffron crimson tulle. This fits all figures and will make for an outstanding look for those with darker complexions. Speak your truth no matter where you are or what time of year it is, because this is one of the most feminine, courageous, and powerful statements you can make.

3. A Luxurious Wedding Dress in Indian Style

This adds a touch of Indian flavor to the dish. The combination of saffron crimson with golden and silver embellishments is luxurious in every way. It’s a one-of-a-kind gown that’ll be remembered even if you’re not being married in India. We salute all of the courageous brides out there!

4. Red Wedding Gown in Chinese Tradition

Here’s a crimson wedding gown with long sleeves and a full-length skirt in the Chinese style. If you want to leave a little to the imagination, this is the right item. It’s long, elegant, sober, and feminine, with golden embellishments.

5. Mermaid Wedding Dress with Red Flowers

The crimson mermaid dress, on the other hand, exudes greatest magnificence and sensibility, showing a lovely slim body with flawless handmade flowery accents. Isn’t there anything more appropriate for a bride-to-be?

Finally, for your perfect day, something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue doesn’t have to be the standard. Start your marriage and your perfect love story by showcasing who you both are and what you’re made of, and don’t be afraid to be bold when choosing your color palette.

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