Honest Ryobi WS750L Portable Tile Saw Review

The people at Ryobi recently delivered us of these newest tile saws on our kitchen back splash undertaking. This post is our ideas to the Ryobi Model WS750L Portable Tile Saw with Laser.

House proprietors and DIY’ers are installing tile within their houses in a increasing speed so that they all need to get a wet tile saw or rent.

There were several options for example renting a responsibility tile saw, investing in much duty tile saw or investing in a wet saw.

Clearly investing in a business electric tile cutter can be somewhat over kill and honestly the aged inexpensive tabletop models were suspicious at best. I used it and purchased some of the outdated models and spent quite a bit out I wouldn’t use it!

The kind that is older features a tabletop such as a table saw with diamond blade and a motor. You push on the items of tile throughout the metallic surface and also into the blade (it’s possible to see my older one from the adjoining photo).

Commercial tile saws really are a little different in their own design. They are attached with a rack plus so they will possess a vanity which the tiles lay . You push on against the tile to the saw free of friction between your tile along with surface. This permits more edge and precise cutting broken tiles.

This is really the place I got worked up about the brand newest Ryobi 7. This item constructed and was created with features very similar to commercial wet tile saws.

Because you can easily see at the photo on very top of the page it includes a rack and also a table that is rolling. The sweetness is the tile saw will come in at under $300 compared to a tile saw which may cost $1000 or even more!

The saw required approximately thirty minutes to build (certainly one of the few gripes will be the instructions which honestly are not much support!) . The saw includes all you want to begin cutting on tiles including a diamond blade, batteries to your laser guide and tools for meeting.


I was quite delighted about the accuracy of this saw blade along with table. I was ready to cut square feet foot borders on each one of the tiles I cut on. Because you can easily see from the photo above the saw includes a laser with aligning the blade to help.

As the laser is practical I discovered it just actually rolls up at the boundary of this blade and also you also can not require the laser farther back to the bit (should you choose you’re going to be duped in to believing the saw blade isn’t square to the desk shirt ).


The WS750L needed lots of power for cutting edge on off down the marble tiles to our undertaking. Tile saws normally don’t have any problems with power unless you are attempting to make utilize of an outdated blade.

Water Heater System

This saw includes a water heater and also water pump to help keep the diamond blade trendy. You fill the tray up and then join the water heater to your power resource. You switch to the saw it pushes water to help keep it all cool.

Some tile saws will spray water over every thing along with the operator in just a 8 foot ring. I was quite happy with this particular saw because the water squirt was nominal.

It’s a great large spray shield on the trunk (appear in black at the lower section of the photo above) that prevents water from spraying all around the earth supporting the saw. Hardly any water shoots out front that kept me tender and nice.


Total this tiny saw has some fine features. The sled enables you to produce vertical cuts. The saw also has a tear fence which enables one to cut miters and rips. The saw is also portable since it is very light, simple to fold up and also has a wonderful pair of brakes that makes moving it much easier for a single individual.

Total Ideas

The Ryobi WS750L 7inch Portable Tile Saw can be definitely an superb tile saw for homeowners and DIY’ers. In the event you are considering doing all of all your tile job you want a tile saw.

Renting is a choice however, you are very most likely to shell out a lot of money doing this of course when you anticipate doing over 1 tile occupation I would advise that you get a saw.

This saw is user friendly, accurate, accurate and also a fantastic price. In the event that you’d love to purchase this saw you can travel to with the regional Home Depot store or order from their store on the web.

By Bruce Kuhn

Bruce is a well-traveled man from Phonix who can only fly wearing a mask. He has beautiful, green eyes. His top quality is that he is particularly educated.

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