You can stay hydrated whether you are hiking or just commuting to work in the summer heat. We’ve covered many water bottles — from editor-approved water containers to the next state water bottle — but here’s our selection of the best water bottles as voted by Amazon’s most enthusiastic reviewers.

This bottle has been rated five stars by about 90% of the reviewers. Hundreds also love its large mouth. One reviewer says that it’s a “nice change” because it’s easier to use scrub brushes and sponges inside. Another user says their son loves the bottle’s wide mouth. They also love the fact that it can be filled with ice and is easy to clean. This is because I clean it. These bottles are also “notoriously difficult to break.”

Another reviewer writes that they have taken the bottles hiking in -20 degree weather and had them freeze but didn’t burst. “I have dropped them down cliffs when they were full of water, and I found them again eight years later, still intact.” Another customer has owned his bottle for eight long years. He says that he didn’t treat the bottle well, dropping it on concrete and then throwing it in his car. Not one leak.

One customer wrote that this Gatorade squeeze bottles is “the best water bottle in history.” Other reviewers agree, saying they love how simple it is to use — even without touching the lid. Gatorade bottles used to have a spout/lid that needed to be pulled up to allow water flow. This lid is not always closed, but reviewers report that it is leakproof. One reviewer wrote, “These bottles have been great. They don’t leak even when they are on their sides, there are no caps that need to be unscrewed, and it is easy enough for my two-year old to drink from it.” One other admits that she was skeptical about the squeeze top but they have not leaked in my hockey bag once.

One reviewer wrote, “This bottle has changed my life forever.” The narrow lid is a big plus. The S’well is described as “nice quality, easy-to-hold and doesn’t have too large of a mouth”, while another user notes that it is “comfortable to hold, not too big/not too small.” It doesn’t spill.” Some users mention the difficulty of cleaning the bottle and the high price. However, one user says, “I was hesitant to purchase the S’well primarily because of the price. But I did it anyway and it’s not something that I regret a bit.”

A Contigo reviewer said, “I have been using a Contigo bottle similar for some time, but needed something to keep it cold longer.” It keeps the water very cold all day. It keeps me hydrated. I am the type of person who needs very cold water. This bottle has over 20,000 reviews. Many are impressed with how cold it stays. One reviewer wrote that despite only using it once, it kept the water ice cold for five hours and more when outside temperatures were in the low 80s. Another user says that it keeps water cold for hours.

However, he adds that the best thing about the bottle is its spout. “I never have the need to remove a cap or open a cover. The water drops as soon as you press the button. Dozens of people have also confirmed that the spout is leakproof. One customer who suffered from the “curse of a leaky water container” once said, “Well, curse is gone!” Since I switched to Contigo water bottles, I haven’t had a waterlogged purse. The auto-seal seals everything back up once the top has been screwed on. This prevents people like me from getting water everywhere.

One reviewer asked, “Hydroflask?” Another replied, “I’d like to say that this bottle is twice as good as the other brands (we’re talking about the nozzle),” comparing it with other well-known brands, and stating that this is both cheaper and more effective. Reviewers love hydrapeak water bottle how the bottle keeps their water cool for so long. The bottle’s lid is praised by many. One user wrote that the mouthpiece was large enough to drink water at a steady pace, but not too wide to splash your face when driving or walking. Another added, “The lid is quick and easy, it doesn’t leak, the handle is great, and it keeps water cold all day.” What else could you want?

Reviewers agree that the Corkcicle’s design makes it easy to hold. One reviewer calls it the “best water container on the market” because it is easy to hold. Another reviewer says that the silicone grip means the Corkcicle “doesn’t clang against surfaces or get dented.” They write that nothing keeps hot and cold as well as it does.

Hydro Flask water bottles are a long-time favorite of Strategist editors because they keep hot drinks hot while keeping cold drinks cold. Amazon reviewers also share many of these feelings. “[This is] the Thanos water bottles. There’s nothing like rolling over at 4 AM, feeling completely dry, and then drinking ice-cold water from this bad boy.” One of the bottle’s 26,000 5-star reviewers says. It can keep cold drinks for up to 24 hours. This reviewer said that the water was often so cold that it looked like it had been frozen. One “avid coffee drinker,” who is a big fan of hot coffee, says the bottle’s heat-retention abilities “preserves freshness and flavor throughout the day.”

The heat stays on for hours, and the bottle doesn’t get too hot. Thousands of customers also praise the straw lid, which encourages them to drink more water when they are on the move. One reviewer wrote, “I don’t know what it it is about straws which forces me to consume more water, but I like it.” Others note that the stainless steel bottle is virtually indestructible, despite it sustaining some denting when dropped. One customer explained that he dropped his Hydro Flask from his car onto his driveway. “The Hydro Flask has small scratches on it (very minor) and my driveway cracked lol.”

This bottle has been praised by thousands of users who have tested it. They claim that it can keep liquids hot or cold for several days. One user wrote that they filled the bottle with only ice, and sealed it tightly. Another said that they found a small piece of ice in their cup after they returned home from work. It’s still hot.”

Another user raves that the coffee is as hot as when it was put in after a 12-hour day of work. One reviewer says, “I tried several supposedly insulated water bottles before I found this one.” The reviewers continue: “The last one that I bought had pools of condensation and the ice melted after a few hours in a warm place.” The Simple Modern bottle doesn’t sweat and it also keeps the water cold.

The straw built into the lid of the ThermoFlask water bottles is mentioned by about 10% of the reviewers. One customer believes it makes it easier to “drink so many water.” She explained that she just flips the straw lid and then takes a sip. Then, flip it back up. The whole thing I drank in one day.

Another customer, who is known for being “the worst at water consumption,” said, “It is amazing that I don’t end up massively dehydrated more frequently, but this water container is the most useful tool I have found to combat my irresponsibility.” She believes that the straw lid allows her to easily sip water throughout the day. The bottle keeps water cold for an entire day. But reviewers note that there is another, open-spout cap. One customer says that she loves that the water bottle has an option. She’s dropped it on concrete floors and it survived each fall.

One reviewer forgot to mention that the “perfect” water bottle will never be discontinued. They write, “I hope they never cease making it because it is likely that I will keep losing it and have never seen anything as perfect.” Because of its simplicity, many think this water bottle has the perfect design. The simplicity of the design makes this water bottle a favorite.

One user wrote, “I like the carry handle, it’s really convenient, and I can use my smartphone and hold it with the pinky finger,” while another said, “I have dropped it. It has frozen completely when I left it in my car. It’s never leaked. I have put it in my backpack along with my laptop. It doesn’t crack.” However, one user points out one drawback: “Because the product is not insulated it will sweat. But if this is not an issue for you the quality/price can’t be beat.

One reviewer admitted that she has never purchased a Nalgene, and considered it a waste of money. The classic wide-mouth Nalgene design is great, but the narrow-mouth shape is what this Nalegene obsessive prefers. “It allows me to drink from them while walking, which is almost impossible with a wide mouth Nalgene even if I do purchase one of those easy sip’ ones.

Other reviewers agree that the narrower mouth is perfect for multitasking. One user wrote, “The narrow mouth bottle is great for drinking water on-the-go and prevents you from spilling on yourself, especially when walking, driving or exercising.” Another user admits that it’s difficult to fit ice cubes in the small mouth. However, I find that I am more comfortable with my wider mouth so I bought this Nalgene.

This water bottle’s flip-top lid has been praised by dozens of customers. One customer wrote that they love the flip-top lid. “It’s so satisfying popping the lid open. I feel refreshed every time I chug water from the large opening,” she said. Many people love the flip-top lid, which protects the water bottle from leaking. One reviewer who purchased this water bottle after replacing their leaky one with it said that the lid and pop cover were easy to use and snap shut without compromising its integrity.

They say it is very durable and has stood the test of time. Nearly 200 customers also praise this bottle for being simple to use. One fan even used the word twice in one-line reviews. They begin, “I love the flip-top lid and how easy to clean and fill it.” It makes it easy for me to carry my stuff when I’m full.

This 32-ounce CamelBak water bottles has received over 3,100 5-star reviews. One reviewer said that it is lighter and easier to drink from than the Hydro Flask. It’s also considerably cheaper. They write that the straw spout has “truly made drinking water more enjoyable,” and add that it never leaks.

The straw’s removable straw is also large enough to be easy to clean, unlike other water bottles. One user said that they had never used a straw-cap water bottle before and that it is now their favorite. I look forward to drinking water because it flows so well. It makes me drink more water.

One reviewer said that this water bottle is the best. “Bought this to take with me on hikes and to refill it whenever there was a water fountain. Another user was skeptical that the bottle could “make dirty water taste like the Ozarka I’m used to.” However, he was surprised to be pleasantly surprised. After using it for two consecutive days, I can confirm that it does exactly that.

It is 26 ounces in weight and has helped me reach my goal of 1 gallon per day. One user writes that she loves the fact that they can filter their tap water and no longer need to buy bottled water. Another adds, “We have been actively trying reduce our trash output and these water bottles have greatly helped.”

This water bottle has received five stars from more than 111,000 people. Many also praise its use for sporting events. One reviewer wrote that his son used the water bottle to play baseball during the recent heatwave. It kept his water cold. “We had to use less ice because the ice was not melting fast enough to make enough water during the day, so we had to reduce the amount of ice.”

Another adds, “This is the best big jug that we have found for my daughter’s soccer practice and games.” “She used it for almost three years.” These bottles are extremely durable, according to others. One user writes that the water bottle passed her daughter’s softball season without cracking. Another adds, “It even fell from the back of the SUV twice without any damage.”

Caroline Goldfarb, a writer, says that the jug is her best friend, personal trainer, and Persian mother. She also explains how it has melted all of my fears and desires into one BPA-free container. She appreciates the fact that there is no need for refilling it. One reviewer said that it is intimidating and impressive to use, but she also found it to be very useful in keeping track of how much water she was drinking. Another stated that the plastic strap does not seem strong enough to hold the full weight of the gallon. She added, “I carry my bottle by its handle.”

One reviewer said that this bottle is her favorite out of all the bottles she’s tried. The flip top lid is secure so there are no leaks. It’s also easy to open with one handed. This flip-top lid has been mentioned in more than 150 reviews. Another reviewer said that it locks shut, but opens easily with the push of a button.

The spout is not too large or too small. It is even called the “BEST” by one customer. It’s the best water bottle EVER. Water bottle. Water bottle. A reviewer who is active and needed a water container that could fit in their bike and car cup holders said, “This bottle does all that and the quality of the product is excellent.” It was a surprise that it would be this great for the price. Excellent purchase!

A large portion of five-star reviewers purchased this Coleman water bottle to put ice into their water. One customer said she started going to the gym more often and loved the idea of having ice in her water. She needed a water bottle that was large enough to hold ice and kept it cold. Although she tried the Hydro Flask, this one works just as well and is far less expensive.

She also likes that it has some features that the Hydro Flask does not have such as an auto seal and flow button that prevents liquid from leaking. “I accidentally left it at the gym and it was still cold when I returned it to the gym.” Another reviewer also had the same experience. “I have a lot of insulated containers, but none compare to this one,” she said.

Nearly half of five-star reviewers love the glass bottle. One customer said that the glass bottle keeps the taste pure. She also believes that the odor of non-water beverages is not as persistent as it was in my plastic bottles. Another customer loves the purity of the taste and bought two.

One customer believes it is only those who use non-water beverages. Another customer believes it could be because they aren’t properly cleaning it. She also said that the narrow opening makes cleaning difficult. But, she added that she can use a baby-bottle brush to clean it and that she doesn’t want it to get icky. It is also used by another customer who claims it has “almost become a part” of her. Friends asked me where it was, and I said it wasn’t mine.

Customers cite the straw lid of this water bottle as one of their favorite features. The straw is just the right size and drinking from it feels luxurious and pleasant. One customer raved that it works well for her boba milk teas. Another added that “it’s difficult to find a reusable cup for bubble teas.” This bottle is loved by nearly 300 customers. Most reviewers cite the bamboo lid and minimalist silicone sleeves as some of the most distinctive features. One even summarizes it this way: “The minimalist, modern, and earthy aesthetic suits my perfect and brings me a feeling of calm.”

One reviewer wrote, “My children can destroy any thing they’re given. And even though it’s only been one week, I’m definitely impressed.” These water bottles are durable and won’t leak, they say. Another parent confirms that they are not thrown around, but their son will occasionally drop them. There have been no cracks or leaks. These bottles were even described as “truly heaven-sent” by one reviewer.

They also stated that they were purchased for their 9-year old daughter, who drinks more than the smaller Contigo kid’s water bottles. The color was great and it doesn’t leak. One wrote that the only thing to consider is your age. It may be more difficult for younger hands than older ones to use the button feature. Another parent who said their 3-year old struggled with it writes, “My 5-year old does great with them though and he seems to be able to drink more water.”

CamelBaks have a straw. This makes it much easier for toddlers and older children to drink from than the Contigo water bottles. One customer says that the CamelBaks are sturdy and won’t leak. Now he has seven. Another says that the bottle is spill-free, which is great for their toddler. My son loves to shake the bottle and turn it around. Others brands tend to spill more often than others. CamelBak has no such problem, regardless of how hard the child uses it.

There are hundreds of customers who have similar stories. Their children abuse the bottle and the bottle holds up. Parents say that it is not magical and will eventually wear from drops and toddle abuse. However, she said that it was still sturdy and of good quality. Her toddler found it easier than sippy cups as she didn’t have the bottle to lift up.

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