The 2022 Instagram algorithm COULD be to blame if you’re seeing a drop in reach. Don’t get worked up!

Experts use the term “algorithm” to characterize decision-making technologies. “The algorithm merely means a process,” says Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri.

Algorithms make our favorite apps even better!

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Even as influencers, we may employ tried-and-true tactics to optimize our content for algorithms.

Our profiles have the best chance of reaching the most people thanks to content strategy. More followers Equals more reach.

So, what exactly are these tactics?

Don’t be concerned. In this article, we’ll go over them! They’re the tactics that enable me to retain a following to buy instagram likes cheap.

My influencer coaching students have also had great success with them. In less than a year, one of my students grew from 4,000 to 80,000 followers—big! that’s

We’ll start by simply going through how the Instagram algorithm in 2022 works. Then we’ll talk about how you can fight it right now!

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First and foremost, what is an algorithm?

Remember that algorithm is a fancy term for “decision-making technology,” which means that instead of us picking what information to consume, the algorithm does it for us.

It’s a methodical procedure.

It curates stuff that it thinks we’ll enjoy—pretty handy, right? Sheesh, I need an algorithm to clean my apartment!

In a recent video, Adam Mosseri explained that there is no single all-powerful algorithm at Instagram: “At Instagram, we employ many, many algorithms to try and forecast what you might be interested in at any given moment.”

We don’t have to be concerned about that any longer, and I’ll explain why. We’ll continue to use the term “algorithm” in this blog to keep things simple.

In 2022, how does the Instagram algorithm work?

The Instagram algorithm is based on your preferences for content and seeks to provide you with more of it.
provide you material that is comparable to what you’ve seen.

While there are other algorithms, the same basic ideas may be used to your overall content strategy, in my experience.

All you need to know is how Instagram organizes its material.

Knowing how Instagram ranks material can help you generate photographs, videos, and other content that your ideal followers would enjoy while also encouraging the algorithm to feature it.

So, let’s get into the ranking variables right now!

Instagram’s Content Ranking System

What material shows in our newsfeed is determined by four major ranking factors:

  • The Information
  • The Flyer
  • User Interaction
  • Interaction with the user
  • These aren’t coming out of my @$.

Instagram validated these four ranking variables.

Anyway, let’s go over things in greater detail!

The Information

To begin, “content” relates to when and what type of post is live. Is this a video blog post? Is that a photograph?

The Instagram algorithm uses post types to determine who should see content like Instagram Reels, Guides, and Instagram Lives.

Furthermore, Instagram is less likely to display users three-month-old content and more likely to show users three-hour-old stuff.

The Flyer

The “poster” is the person who created the content!

Have you ever noticed that when you like a post, you see more of it?

The Instagram algorithm takes into account who and what you interact with.

This affects the order in which your newsfeed appears and the material you see.

There’s even more!

If you frequently remark or are even tagged in someone’s posts, the algorithm assumes you two are related. “Hey, this person is important to me, and I want to see more of them on my Feed,” it’s like saying.

User Interests and Activity

Your in-app experience is determined by how you consume material on the app.

Go to the Menu in the upper righthand corner of the app and select “Manage Interests” to see this in action.

You’ll see a list of all the post topics Instagram thinks you’d be interested in.

You have complete control over adding and removing Instagram interests. What information you see is determined by the interests you select.

History of User Engagement

The Instagram algorithm does, in fact, keep track of your app history.

Do you need proof?

Next time you’re on the app, tap the three dots in the upper righthand corner of a post in your newsfeed.

Then select “Why you’re seeing this post” and Instagram will explain why you’re seeing it.

It could be anything as simple as how long you follow someone. It might also be the number of likes on a post.

What You Should Be Concerned About

Trying to recall all of the ranking elements isn’t going to help you.

Let’s divide them into two groups to make things easier:

Engage with material and create content that is engaging.

  • What is the most popular content on our page?
  • Is it true that videos outperform photo posts?
  • How do my fans interact with me?
  • Time—Create time-consuming content on a regular basis.


  • When should I make a post?
  • How frequently do I update my content?
  • Do I update my followers on a regular basis?
  • Isn’t that a lot better?

What Happens When You Press the “Post” Button?

Once you hit “publish,” your information goes through a very diluted process.

Once a fresh piece of information has been shared with a small group of people,

These users, according to the algorithm, will love the content.

If they do, and their post earns likes, comments, and shares,

Instagram’s algorithm will distribute the content to a bigger audience.


The rating elements are applied along the route!

Phew! Let’s talk about the procedure.

Instagram also makes money from advertisements.

They require your followers to see advertising in order to make more money.

The more time they spend on Instagram, the more money they earn! As a result, we can presume that the algorithm “rewards” influencers who keep individuals on for longer periods of time.

We’ll design a content plan to defeat the algorithm by focusing on engagement and time.

Let’s move on to what to post to overcome the Instagram algorithm in 2022!

What to Post in 2022 to Beat the Algorithm

  • Reels
  • Stories
  • Photographs (Bonus)

Let’s look at why these are the only three content types to be concerned with.


Users are more likely to share Reels.

As a result, if your Reels are relatable or amusing, and provide people with something to speak about, they are more likely to be shared.

That implies more people will interact with your material.


Above all, for busy influencers like us, Stories are the most convenient way to share content. They don’t need to be anything out of the ordinary!

Treat Stories as a simple approach to increase engagement.

Photographs (Bonus)

Static content is another term for photo posts.

The term “static” refers to the fact that the post does not move like a video.

Instagram, on the other hand, has stated repeatedly that it is changing its attention to video.

In other words, photographs on Instagram are becoming less important.

Unfortunately, photo postings are likely to continue to receive fewer likes and reach.

As a result, consider submitting photographs as “extra” content.

You should expect your reach to decrease if you only share photographs. As a result, photographs should not be your sole strategy.

Now that you know what to publish, let’s talk about how to use the Instagram algorithm to increase your reach!

Isn’t it, though, Reach Down?

“Why is my Instagram reach so low?” you might wonder.

” or “Will Instagram be defunct in 2022?”

” Then pay attention:

Simply put, Instagram’s reach has moved to allow creators to share what their followers want to see. Remember, the Instagram algorithm in 2022 aims to show users what they want to see!

So, if you want to grow your Instagram following, you need to make your material more engaging. Furthermore, your material must be relevant and tailored to your target demographic.

This will aid the Instagram algorithm in promoting your content to the appropriate audience! Let’s have a look at some of my finest advice on how to achieve it.

#1 Make Reels Frequently and Consistently

If you want to overcome the Instagram algorithm in 2022, reels will be your best choice. So, how do you go about creating good Reels?

In my influencer coaching program, we talk about this a lot, but value-driven content reigns supreme.

Value can be found in a variety of forms, ranging from entertaining to relatable content.

Above all, consider the value you can provide and how you can communicate it in a 15-second video.

Even though Reels are brief, they should tell a consistent, short, sweet, and compelling tale.

Aim to upload Reels at least 5 times per week in 2022 to defeat the Instagram algorithm. If that’s too difficult, create a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it!

But how can you make Reels that can be shared?

How do you keep Reels interesting?

In summary, I have a little Reels video course that will show you how to create Reels that attract more views. You’ll have three updated and enhanced Reels ready to post by the end.

Check out the course by clicking here!

#2 Keep up with the latest trends

Furthermore, providing trending content is an EXCELLENT method to sway the algorithm! In other words, once a new Instagram trend emerges, you can bet that the majority of IG users will be following it.

After all, that’s why it’s popular.

When you re-create those trends in your own unique style, the algorithm picks it up and distributes it to trend followers.

You only need to put your name in the hat!

Thousands of new eyes could be drawn to your material as a result of this! When it comes to trends, the key is to move quickly.

#3 Have Fun With Your Stories

Find ways to involve your audience in your stories. Use surveys, hilarious gifs, and “questions” stickers, for example, to engage your audience. You can include videos in your Instagram Stories as well.

If you need further advice, I have a blog on how to acquire more Instagram Story views.

Day #4: Share Your Stories

The more Stories you post, the higher you’ll appear in people’s newsfeeds.

As a result, posting Stories every day is a fantastic objective!

If that’s too difficult, create a posting schedule that works for you.

#5 Make Use Of Hashtags

For me, hashtags are hit or miss. I wouldn’t put my trust in them, but I do utilize them.

At the end of the day, a hashtag will not save you if your content is poor.

Consider hashtags to be keywords.

They’re nothing more than a tool!

#6 Make it easy for people to share your content

Shareable might mean a lot of different things to different people, but for us, it means making your content easy to share across various platforms.

Create viral Reels and share them on TikTok, for example.

New features, such as the “Add Yours” Story sticker, are also available.

Check out my get more Story views blog for additional details on features like Add Yours!

#7 Instead of a single photo, use carousels.

Remember that we want our followers to spend more time looking at our content, so the Instagram algorithm works in our favor.

Our followers naturally spend more time gazing at a carousel when we share it.

#8 Create eye-catching captions

Writing captions that people want to read is a terrific method to inspire people to spend more time on your photos, which will help you overcome the Instagram algorithm in 2022.

This is something I can do quickly. It’s referred to as “microblogging.”

In a nutshell, Microblog Instagram captions are when you write an educational Instagram caption that informs your audience about a specific issue. Captions become more intriguing as a result of this!

#9 Make Your Content More Personal

Your fans are curious about you. As a result, you should establish a relationship with them!

This will help you appear more frequently in their newsfeeds.

Brands also value influencers that have a strong bond with their audience.

But I understand if you’re having problems determining whether you’re posting the RIGHT stuff.

As influencers, we sometimes get caught up in tossing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. And it’s not helping us at all.

That’s why it’s so crucial to get input!

When you book an Instagram Audit with me, I’ll go deep into your profile and provide you with actionable, unedited comments on how you can improve your profile right away.

All of this is in order for you to begin attracting and growing your ideal clients.

Take it from someone who has been there before! I’ve built a 230k+ online following across platforms, worked with companies like Mazda, Adobe, and American Express, and now I’m teaching people how to do it too!

#10 Respond to direct messages

You should be looking for the finest ways to communicate with your audience because the Instagram algorithm attempts to show off the most engaging pages/content!

You want Instagram’s algorithm to notice that your followers are engaged with your page.

Responding to DMs is a terrific method to build trust with your followers while also avoiding the algorithm.

#11 Retweet or Reply to a Comment

As already said. We must interact if we are to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2022.

Your fans want to communicate with you.

#12 Interact with the Accounts You’re Following

While engaging with accounts you follow will not help you move the needle, being active in the app and interacting with other accounts is an excellent habit to develop.

There is no set number of accounts on which you must remark, however doing so excessively will appear spammy.

If you enjoy a certain piece of material, leave a remark; otherwise, move on!

#13 Take a Closer Look at Your Feed

I believe that a color-coded Feed improves engagement.

You want your fans to recognize and appreciate your work, which an overall Instagram aesthetic may help you achieve!

You can also utilize one of the many attractive photo editing apps available!

How to Find Your Way to the Explore Page

Instagram’s Explore Page algorithm works by presenting you a summary of what it believes you’ll like.

Because of this, your Explore Page and your friends’ Explore Pages may appear to be completely different!

The Explore Page, believe it or not, is likewise controlled by its algorithm.

It presents you with photographs, movies, and content categories that have been hand-picked just for you!

Getting to the Explore Page, on the other hand, isn’t difficult!

Starting with Reels is a simple approach to get on the Instagram Explore page. The Explore page now has a section dedicated to reels, which might mean significant growth for you in 2022.

Final Suggestions for Beating the Instagram Algorithm

We’ve covered content suggestions as well as a lot more on how to fight the Instagram algorithm. Let’s finish up with some parting advice!

Take part in social activities.

Connecting with others is one of the quickest methods to circumvent the new Instagram algorithm and gain exposure to new followers.

Because Instagram is a social media platform, you must be sociable.

Most importantly, after the events of 2020, people are yearning for connection through screens.

While meeting new people may be impossible, you can at least communicate with your following on a more regular basis. Allow them to enter!

Make an effort to make them feel like you’re a friend on the other side of the screen by showing up for them.

Learn More About Insights

To overcome the Instagram algorithm, create high-quality material and keep track of what your followers like.

Instagram Insights can help you understand how your followers interact with your page as part of creating high-quality content.

Stop deleting and re-posting your photos on Instagram.

Finally, while deleting and reposting on Instagram won’t harm your account in the long run, it is a waste of time.

To summarize, if a piece of content isn’t working for you, go on!

You could archive it and repost it later, but you’re better off just posting new content on a regular basis.

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