As you approach graduation, the more anxious you become about the future, especially if your goal is to work in digital marketing. The industry is constantly growing and new talent is being recruited. How can you make a difference in a crowd of recent graduates?

It’s easy. Certificates. Your potential employers will see that you are self-motivated, eager to learn, and eager to acquire industry-leading tools. These certs will help you rise above your peers, regardless of whether you want to be a member of a media buying or creative team.

Google Adwords Free

Google is a great search engine to find a barbershop or restaurant. Google AdWords will teach you how to organize, scale and measure success in digital advertising campaigns. This certification is a great education and should be required for all digital marketers. Google AdWords certification is free.

Two tests are required to pass the Adwords Foundations as well as a test in each of the five ad categories. (Do the search advertising exam first and then take them all over. Google’s Academy to Ads is a great option if you don’t like studying study guides.

Facebook Blueprint ($150 per exam)

Facebook ads are the best way to reach Millennials or GenZ consumers at the moment. Facebook Blueprint is expensive, but it’s well worth it.

It’s easier than ever to get the right ads in front of the right people with the help of Facebookpixel and Custom Audiences. The Facebook eLearning courses are very well designed and you will be able to understand everything, from community management to ad buying.

This is information that you and your future brand need to know. It’s still a relatively recent certification and is becoming more common as a requirement in job postings.

Unbounce Academy (Free)

Every digital advertisement must lead somewhere. More often than not, it should lead to a landing site. Unbounceis a great way to quickly create landing pages and test them against other ads. Because of its simplicity and scalability, it is quickly becoming the preferred choice in the industry. Unbounce’s integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel is seamless. This academy will cover all aspects of digital marketing.

Google Analytics (Free).

ROI is the defining characteristic of a marketing firm. Google Analytics is the best tool to measure ad campaigns and their results. Simply put, Google Analytics uses code in the website’s header to determine the source of web traffic and the actions taken on your webpage. Google Analytics Academy makes learning Analytics easy.

The Google analytics code is found in the headers of nearly all B2C websites and many B2B websites. Your future clients will be grateful that you passed the exam and are comfortable using Google Data Studio (currently in beta).

Twitter Flight School (Free)

Twitter is a prominent new media platform for customer service and ad campaigns. Nearly everyone has the Twitter app on their smartphone. Twitter’s courses will show you how to create the best copy in 140 characters or less. You will learn how to use hashtags and what to do with them in your advertising campaigns.

Flight School’s case studies are interesting and provide valuable and easy-to-understand lessons. To learn more about Twitter media purchases, make sure you check out the Extra Curricular classes after you have completed Flight School.

Bing Ads Certification (Free)

Although Bing isn’t the most used search engine , its acquisition by Yahoo has made it the second most-used search engine. Although it’s ads are not as popular as Google Ads Certification Right Answers they still remain within Microsoft’s digital properties. This is a powerful advertising tool if you target baby boomers and older Gen Xers, who still use Yahoo Mail and MSN as their homepage. It is free and has some great features. Your certification is also useful if you are looking to reach an older audience using Bing ads.

Doubleclick (Free)

Doubleclick is the most used ad-serving tool. Doubleclick is the most widely used ad serving tool in the industry. There are many others, but none as popular as Doubleclick. Doubleclick is essential for any firm that runs banner ads. You can find the certification track at Google’s Academy for Ads. Listen to this podcast and learn how the Johnson Box improves banner clicks while you’re at that!

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification (Free)

This certification is the culmination all of the certifications. It is however not as comprehensive. Once you have passed the above certs, this course will teach you how to link landing pages to Google Analytics, Facebook, Google and Twitter ads and measure their results. Hubspot’s Inbound marketing certification is the most valuable capstone class that you have ever taken.

That’s all! You can add the badges to your Linkedin profile and mention them on your resume and cover letter. Employers love to see people motivated to learn more. You can show employers that you are always looking ahead and will continue to learn more by getting certifications.

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